Liva's anything about...?


Patch of blue sky(English)

Patch of blue sky(Angel's ladder)

I bought alcoholic for 500 yen that I have given

I bought bourbon whiskey add my small money

I want to disappear but I can't stop crying

when I saw a child who put up with crying


It's a meaningless penmanship I had learned

When I use a Cellular phone or keyboad,a letter will come out soon

I have a pen for the first time in a while,but my letter is shaking


Can I be be here? Is it alright I am living?


I was hurt by the words that someone said inadvertently

And I was really beat up,many times

I want just only one who accept myself


Will the solitude stop? When can I see the sun?


I soiled myself of no use it looks like I hate myself

But I am grieving I want to be loved


I received a letter from my senior

The letter is not so beauty and stand out the typographical errors

But why am I feeling relief,and I am smiling with the unconsious


Can I be here? Can I walk up to you?


I am alive in someone's heart,you are alive in my heart

Slight warmth that tend to pass by and tend to forget

will be help



ハレマ - Livaeal (Acoustic band Orignal)