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New Flower(English)

I was flooded with new light,and I got the power to survive

If you've not been there,I've never been here

Dreams will never end,because I'm alive

You sewed my rip of the dream


I can't tell you this gratitude,if I say "Thank you" again and again

So I want to say when I can say,anytime,"Thank you"


The world that you have colored,I can see the diffrent view

I want to send new song to your happiness,and ring out


Now the memories are germinating,and blooming the new flowers

If you smile,painful of my past will change to the power,

change to the next dream


Touched between the tiny encounter

I pray the live of two will always shine,eternally


The world that you're alive,I can listen to the different sound

Lights of two shine the time,and last to the new future

The world that I will open with you,I can paint the diffrent color

Tied lights will shine the way,and last to the new future



新しい花 - Livaeal [New Flower feat. ISAO] (Acoustic band Orignal)

New flower will be in full bloom