Liva's anything about...?




If I cry until no tears are legt,can my heart be filled?

If I call for the vacant,I couldn'tgot anything

Who is responsible dor my pain? It can't simply put

If I wish for you,my sadness will increase


There're drifting the precious things,

that I can't see if I strain my eyes

But when I close my eyes,there're the evil things

Peace of mind goes away


Can I burn my depressin?

If the ashes flutter down,anyone cover in the ashes

There's nothing in the stagnant sky,even my eyes get dark

I can see the credible hope that comes on silently,

when I close my eyes


I can hear the shout from the bottom of my heart

"It's a hard 'cause my heart is supressed"

Who will open the door? Where is the key?

"I feel the pain 'cause I have been looking for"


If I set off for bliss blindly

Even the trifling stumble will change to the misery


There's many glitters in every sky

I can't get the only one,and breathe out cloudy


Are you waiting for the end?

Even if you didn't start anything

Nowhere like that

How do you see "this"?

I think that is the hope for sure


You are shouting from the bottom of your heart

"I want to contradict my pain"

Who will open the door? Where is the key?

"I want to keep on looking for"

Now I can open the door,I got the key

"I want to see the shining"


Try to listen↓↓

air - Livaeal (Acoustic band Orignal)