Liva's anything about...?




Too quiet wind touch my heart in this night
There is no same sky like that day
It was so happy for me to meet your eyes
Too many things that we couldn't see in the past

Even the form of truth flows in the time
It was different when we saw together,today's fullmoon

Nobody turns around for low footsteps
But it resounds for my depressive body endlessly
It will continue and continue,so if I standstill
I will bask in the full of light and move on again

Tremble and inscribe colors and lights
We will change again tomorrow

Because in the night I can be alone
The sorrow open the lid and overflow

The light never end and shine on me
And the light shine on you too
Even I don't know where you are

My shadow is casting just only one
It is uncertain but I never end without change
Next time when we will meet
Surely you and I will different faces each other