Liva's anything about...?




Please help me Oh my sweet darlin'
Here is the world there is full of good men,we hated
They're confusing and going mad,if it is usually

I need you yes my baby
I don't know what I will do
I don't want to pander to the ply that is not important
It doesn't mean I deny everything,just it doesn't fit me

Yes if you stand by my side,anything will not the same
Because you accept me as I am

I will help you Oh my sweet darlin'
There is the world that is full of calculation,everyone hated
They're swallowed and going mad,it is usually

What I need is,it's just only you
I don't fear if you are by my side even if anyone countervail me
The obstacle is not mean I can see the sky constantly

Why can they live under the clouded sky
It's the nightmare that the shine is only in the dream isn't it?

What's the right? What's the wrong?
Everything's not always the same

I want to see the blue sky anytime it looks like breakin' through
maybe I can fly is you stand by my side,even if I don't have the wings
I'm gonna get over the day